Provider Relations

Provider Relations, which includes Provider Services, Provider Contracting, and Credentialing, partners with you to secure high-quality, cost-effective health care services. Our goal is to shape a comprehensive, integrated care system by:

  • Fostering a seamless and efficient service network
  • Minimizing costs
  • Maximizing cost predictability
  • Identifying and implementing innovative ways to finance and deliver health care services

Provider Services

Provider Services Consultants are available across our contracted network. Consultants act as a partner and liaison to clinics and offer a variety of resources, information, and tools designed to:

  • Build strong working relationships
  • Resolve operational issues
  • Share best practices
  • Promote mutual values and goals
  • Improve health care delivery
  • Understand unique health care communities
  • Participate in the design of the community health care delivery system

Contact Provider Services

For general questions: 206-988-2000

Provider Contracting

Provider Contracting ensures that Kaiser Permanente purchases health care services in the most prudent, cost-effective manner possible. Key elements considered in contract negotiations include:

  • Reimbursement
  • Quality of care
  • Utilization
  • Compatibility in goals and values

Your contract manager is available to help you:

  • Understand contract provisions
  • Change practitioners included in your contract
  • Maintain current information about providers, such as address, phone number, and tax identification number
  • Resolve contract-related disputes

We have designated committees responsible for decisions about service delivery options. Those committees determine where and if we need to contract with a community provider, priorities and contracting objectives, and terms of payment policy.

Our contracts reflect the responsibilities of both parties and meet all federal and state requirements as well as the requirements of our Medical Staff Bylaws. Please refer to your contract for more detailed information.

All providers on your contract must be approved and credentialed (if applicable) before they can treat our members. To ensure this requirement is met, please submit the Provider Information Form and your W-9 to your contract manager or Provider Services consultant as soon as you are aware of a provider joining your practice.

To provide the best service to our members and to ensure a smooth transition of care, submit written notification of any change of information to your contract — including when a provider is leaving your practice — to your contract manager or Provider Services consultant.

Contact Provider Contracting

  • 206-988-2000
  • 1-866-224-7447
  • Fax: 206-988-2001
Reviewed 4/20/2015