Coordinating Behavioral Health Inpatient or Residential Care

Please adhere to the following when treating members in behavioral health inpatient or residential settings:

  • All services must be pre-authorized by Behavioral Health Access (BHA) at 1-206-901-6300 or 1-888-287-2680.
  • Authorizations are not provided after-hours, on holidays, or on weekends. In these cases, contact EPRO (Emergency Patient Resources and Options) at 1-800-337-3197 to inform Kaiser Permanente of admission. The BHA will review on the next business day.
  • Throughout the member's stay, we will review their care for appropriateness of placement and participate in discharge planning.
  • To arrange follow-up care, contact the BSA prior to discharge. Follow-up care must be provided within seven days of the discharge date.

If a member needs to transfer from a behavioral health facility to a medical or surgical facility, you must notify Kaiser Permanente via EPRO at 1-800-337-3197. You must also notify the member's primary care provider.

We reserve the right, upon consultation with a Kaiser Permanente physician, to transfer any member to a Kaiser Permanente facility, as stated in the member's medical coverage agreement. If the member refuses to transfer to one of our facilities, costs incurred during the hospitalization may be the member's sole responsibility.

Reviewed 10/30/2017

The Provider Manual is not intended for any use by any party other than as a resource for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington's contracted providers in fulfilling their obligations under provider contracts. Kaiser Permanente intends for the manual to be accurate for its intended purpose but doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Providers should comply with the terms of their provider contracts and any legal requirements in the event of an inconsistency between the manual and a requirement in their provider contracts or the law.