Clearinghouse/Direct Connections for Electronic Data Exchange

Group Health Cooperative utilizes business-to-business electronic data interchange (EDI) to facilitate our claims processing, patient billing, and care management systems.

EDI exchanges include both ASC X12 formatted transactions and some non-X12 data exchanges. The X12 formatted transactions may be exchanged using a direct connection with Group Health or an affiliated clearinghouse. (PDF)

A direct connection is available if you can answer Yes to all three of these questions:

  • Are you submitting more than 250 electronic claims per month?
  • Do you have the ability to process HIPAA-compliant X12 electronic transactions?
  • Can you submit secure file transfers (secure channel or encryption such as PGP or Gnu PG)?

EDI Exchanges Available

action ID
Process Mode Protocol Envelope
270/271 Batch/ RealTime FTP/ HTTPS SOAP/ MIME Companion Guide (270/271) (PDF)
276/277 Batch/ RealTime FTP/ HTTPS SOAP/ MIME Companion Guide (276/277) (PDF)
834 Batch FTP N/A
Batch See InstaMed N/A InstaMed
837 Batch FTP N/A

To initiate or update an EDI exchange, submit a completed EDI Trading Partner Setup Request Form (Word).

Questions about our EDI exchanges may be e-mailed to or contact the Provider Assistance Unit toll-free at 1-888-767-4670.

Reviewed 10/07/2016

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