Kaiser Permanente Formulary

Formulary Tools

  • Drug Formulary Search: Search for drugs by name or therapeutic class.
  • Epocrates Downloadable Formulary: Check formulary status and prior authorization criteria for medications covered under the pharmacy benefit.
  • Drug Formulary Exception Request: Request coverage for medications requiring prior authorization and for drugs not included in the formulary. To submit a formulary exception on behalf of a patient, call the Drug Benefit Help Desk at 1-800-729-1174, option 1, or fax to 1-866-510-1765. Patients can also submit a formulary exception request via the online form on the secure member website.
  • Quantity Limits (QL) Drug List: Medications covered under the pharmacy benefit with quantity limits:
  • Chronic High-Dose Opioid Therapy Prior Authorization Form (PDF): Effective 10/1/18, commercial members on chronic opioid therapy >=90 mg MED/day will require prior authorization to ensure their care plan supports safe use of opioids.

Prior Authorization for Injectable Drugs

Injectable drugs covered under the medical benefit and administered by a health care professional in an office or home infusion setting may require prior authorization and clinical review.

For drug lists, see Injectable Drugs Requiring Prior Authorization.

Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy works closely with patients and providers to manage certain medications used to treat serious chronic conditions. For more information, see Specialty Pharmacy.

Limited Distribution Medications

Overview of the process for prescribing limited distribution medications for Kaiser Permanente Members. Includes Kaiser Permanente's Limited Distribution Preferred Pharmacy list. For more information, see Limited Distribution Medications.

Clinician Prescribing Tools

Evidence-based reference materials designed to help you care for your patients.

Pharmacy News

View our quarterly newsletter, Pharmacy News.

Pharmacy Services for Members

For information about Kaiser Permanente pharmacy networks, mail-order refills, and other pharmacy services, see Pharmacy Services for Members.

Revised 2/9/2015