Patient Care

Infusion therapy order forms and infusion center locations.

Administrative and authorization requirements, types of caregivers, inpatient care, medication, medical records, forms, and treatment guidelines.

Information about caregivers, hospital care, and continuing and long-term care.

Systematically developed statements to assist clinicians and patients in choosing appropriate health care in specific clinical circumstances.

Criteria for home birth services; guidelines for antenatal, intrapartum, post-partum, and newborn care; emergency guidelines; and medical records.

Interpretive services policy, choosing and arranging for an interpreter, print materials, and rosters of both sign and spoken language brokers.

Information about occupational health services, COHE process and forms.

Brochures and educational materials about conditions, diseases, and symptoms; screenings and immunizations; decisions for health care.

Latest pharmacy updates, evidence-based reference materials, pharmacy services, formulary information, policies, and forms.

Our orthopedic surgeons and therapists have developed standardized protocols for therapy care after surgery.

Vision, hearing, and speech and language; complementary and alternative medicine; fitness discount and tobacco cessation programs; women's health; population-based care; and patient education and support services.


Physician Selection/Change Form (PDF)
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